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Bartolome de las Casas and Hans Knoepfli

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There is another way to go about it

by Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch / IPC

Bartolome de las Casas (1484-1566) worked in Central America and Hans Knoepfli (1927-2023) in the Cameroonian grasslands; Both were connected to the organization of the church, but both are committed to preserving the traditional structures. De las Casas worked against enslavement, Knoepfli against the selling off of traditional values. Both worked on location - Being recognized for their work was not their main concern!

In our present time of global-digital-unification, it is of utter important to preserve the traditional-analogue-system, - without taking into account the influence of mass tourism, job creations, pseudo-inter-relationships, - the pseudo-values of the current time!

Academic institutions and their allies cannot carry out this task, - their stubbornness hinders and prevents them!

For this purpose and for this reason, there is a need to make efforts and carry out in-depth research, ignoring the prevailing and adopted values in order to create awareness about traditional values!

Please see the literature here and here.

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Message to the friends of society

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Spending-oriented leisure activities

Income-generating measures

A long overdue lesson

to the DGFK societies


Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch / IPC-DGFK

The circle of terminologies is closing!

It is not easy to remain focused in the sea of meaningless terminologies and constantly repeating everyday occurrences.

The progressive fragmentation of society and the consequent development of new terminologies suggests a new development , which however on closer look proves to be merely a changed look.

The past in the form of the old generation seems to be losing its justification.

The youth representing what is still to come is pressing for recognition.

Between them the army of middle-aged persons.

One has to deal with everyday issues, living like a beetle between tree and bark and cannot really do how or what one would like to do.

Awakening, progress and future, these are the battle cries of the army leaders at the zenith of the overview, but they cannot perceive the emerging fog; the mixture of feet on the ground and reaching for the sky prevents this!

While the forefathers understood only the principle of work, in the course of industrialization this evolved into a mixture of working hours and free time, from which non-industrialized countries remained less affected.

Until then, life was still shaped by local character and was actually analogue, but with time it became increasingly international and also affected the less industrialized countries.

Actually escape from the limitation in own country by venturing into foreign lands.

Meanwhile, it is no longer possible to escape from the digital, global village. Even traditional work methods exist lesser and lesser and is iincreasingly infected with occupations of trivialities.

The sense of achievement through well defined tasks exist no longer and they are replaced by occupations that no longer lead to sense of achievement in the traditional sense. Free time exists no longer, the entire time becoming a conglomerate of income-generating measures and expenditure-oriented employments.

Classic profiling is becoming less well known, training and further education is part of consumerism. Despite the calls for growth restrictions, the environment is ruined - not without constant, but quite entertaining Cassandra music.

Nature, for some, a mystical power, for others - they prevail as terminology and pseudo-scientific curiosity occupy the content of their heads ... SEQUITUR ET It goes on and on - Et ca continue, encore et encore - Lo sigue y sigue.

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Nepal Project

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 Nepal Project - Download Here 

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Society for the development of sustainable and holistic project

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Project developments take place in a process that is extensive in terms of time and personnel, due to which considerable financial resources need to be organized.

It is no secret any more that this is why the consumers are at the end of the value chain, along with the destruction of resources and the destruction of the environment.

The organizers and their families benefit from it and justify their presence in it.

A completely different, selfless way forward is therefore not even granted consideration, because that would lead to the mentioned organizers becoming unemployed in their sending countries.

For this reason, a short version describing such a procedure is presented, which, however, can only be implemented through an absolute multi-talent in terms of experience and knowledge.

Assessment of local resources, educational level and the environment, training, unique selling points, distribution and marketing - these are examples of elements that need to be recorded!

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