Society for the Development of Sustainable and Holistic Project

Nepal Project

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ October 01, 2020, ,

Society for the development of sustainable and holistic project

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Project developments take place in a process that is extensive in terms of time and personnel, due to which considerable financial resources need to be organized.

It is no secret any more that this is why the consumers are at the end of the value chain, along with the destruction of resources and the destruction of the environment.

The organizers and their families benefit from it and justify their presence in it.

A completely different, selfless way forward is therefore not even granted consideration, because that would lead to the mentioned organizers becoming unemployed in their sending countries.

For this reason, a short version describing such a procedure is presented, which, however, can only be implemented through an absolute multi-talent in terms of experience and knowledge.

Assessment of local resources, educational level and the environment, training, unique selling points, distribution and marketing - these are examples of elements that need to be recorded!

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ September 23, 2020, ,

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